Use this space to create something special.

As a photo studio owned by professional photographers we walk in your shoes to create an unbeatable studio photography experience. Located in Downtown Los Angeles we are a collective that wants you to flourish.

Professional Equipment

We have dozens of Studio equipment for you to use including, kinoflo’s, Rob light panels, strobes and more. we carry a wide variety of savage paper and fabric backdrop materials. check out our equipment page to see what we have in store!

Multi Service Stations

At P&F we have jewelry, product, and portrait photography stations designed to cater to your photography needs. Please contact us in advanced so that we can make the studio suit your photographic needs.

Professional Assembly

All equipment with advanced notice can also be installed and ready to go so you have a streamlined photoshoot with no hassle. We also clean the studio for you so that you can leave without the need for disassembly.

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